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  1. louise harffey

    What a wonderful site, such alot of work involved . I will be logging on daily until the truth comes out. your site will be reference for students of criminology, media studies, psychology and goodness knows what else for years to come. God bless poor Maddie and all who seek justice for whatever happened to her, louise harffey

  2. molly wheeldon

    I do hope some ones finds little maddie. Who ever has took her is sick in the head,who would her little maddie she is such a little girl. God Bless Maddie hope nothing bad has happend and it ends in a happy ending.

  3. mari knapp

    why leave them on there own when you could have had a sitter ,i belive you planned for her to be taken no parent would go out for a meal and leave there children you both are the worst child abusers you know what has happened so tell the truth or we will its been 3 years time to telllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  4. eve

    To the person who says they think the MCann”s planned for Maddie to be taken the reasoning, no parent would go out for dinner & leave their children, Uhhhhhhh it happens all the time, people feel if their close by eyes view to the room they`ll leave their children alone, unfortunantly it was a bad idea in their case & now they have to deal with the fact their daughter is missing, there`s no closure for these parents!I hope you find Maddie one day we can only hold onto hope untril other wise1

  5. Zoe brindley

    Who did Mrs Joyce see and who is she? This question appears on moving banner at top of main page.

  6. MurielODonnell

    mari knapp – you might be surprised at how many parents go out at night whilst on holiday and leave their children unattended – I was in holiday in Italy last year and many many parents did so at the holiday complex in which I stayed. You say “tell the truth or we will” i’m sure we’d all like to know the truth, especially Maddie’s parents…so seeing as how you seem to know so muc – do share!

  7. Jenni

    I cannot believe this woman is using the publicity from accidentally killing her little daughter herself to make money selling books, interviews etc.

    – Jenni

  8. Rob

    The McCanns are a particularly sick couple, and their choice of ‘friends’ points to this fact.
    They KNOW what happened.

  9. JIm Smith

    The McCanns were guilty of poor parenting and guardianship of young children in a foreign country. Their behaviour since Maddie’s disappearance is at best strange and uncaring. I feel they are constantly trying to cast blame on others and refuse to take responsibility for her disappearance. I fear we will never know what happened to Maddie, I pray that God has placed her in more caring and responsible hands. The McCanns can spend the remainder of their lives paying for their stupidity, they deserve no less. I am just saddened that no charge of neglect has been brought against them.

  10. BabyBear

    Disgusting people! As guilty as the day is long…but the dogs were still wrong, eh Kate?!!!!

  11. rania

    please stop blaming the parents for what happened i am sure they are blaming themselves enough… they left there kids alone,well it’s a wrong thing to do but when you are at a resort you think for sure that you in a safe place and they were checking on the kids all the time and if they were responsible they wont be stupid to do their best to keep the case open and have this site and read all the bad things you say about them
    maccann my heart is with you and i hope you would find madeline soon

    Site Admin: How do you know the parents are blaming themselves? Are you their personal friend? How do you know they left their children in the way they said? If you believe everything the McCanns said then you also believe in their lies because they’ve told plenty of them.

  12. Jeannette

    I just hope she is found. Nobody has the right to steal a child from her parents, even if this person have the best intention for the child, that is not good, that is not morally good, that should not be done, that is insane and that is worse for this child, to be with insane people. If the parents of Maddie didn’t take good care of their children that night, well, I think they have already learned the lesson but they deserve to have their child with them and she deserve to be with her parents and brothers. I pray for God to give them the opportunity to have their girl again with them.

    Site Admin: Nobody did steal Madeleine from her parents but you are right – nobody has the right to steal a child. God won’t bring Madeleine back, any more than he would bring any dead person back.

  13. kylie

    Nobody can actually say what happened to this poor little girl. All these negative comments towards their parents are unnecessary as their is no actual proof they are responsible. Innocent until proven guilty. If she was abducted, her parents made a mistake in leaving those children alone, albeit a huge one, but do you not think they will live with that for the rest of their lives?? People are too quick to jump to conclusions and believe the first bit of rubbish they read in the newspaper. Nobody truly knows what happened on that night so I suggests all the sad acts with your concocted csi stories stop watching so much tv and find something constructive to fill your days with. All focus has been taken off the fact that this poor little mite is still missing. God bless you.

    Site Admin: Oh please…for goodness sake, spare us the drama. Of course someone can say what happened to Madeleine. She died in Portugal in 2007. Get over it and face the facts.

  14. Stacey

    What can you say to a parent who is missing a child? There are no words that will bring comfort unless you are bringing their child home. I don’t know all the facts, neither does most of the public, so I am not going to point my finger at anyone and accuse them of hurting this adorable little girl. I hope she is found, and there is hope, look at cases like Elizabeth Smart? Whatever the outcome, I hope the McCann’s will find peace and justice will be served. I will continue to be aware of her disappearance and if I happen to see someone who fits her description, will inform the authorities.

    Site Admin: You will continue to see girls that look like Madeleine because that is the way of the world. Lots of 8 year old girls look the same. As for Madeleine coming home, this is not going to happen because the girl has been dead for 4 years.

  15. Reckzel

    Have you ever heard about the Isabela Nardoni’s case, which occured in São Paulo, Brazil? Its an example of how people in a bad situation do to get rid of guiltiness. sooner or later, the truth will appear, and everyone involved in the Madeleine1s case will have to explain such mystery. We dont know even if Madeleine was sleeping on that room. I dont want to believe that parents set up the whole case because they are hiding something bad. But mad people exists, and its possible, why not, like Isabelas parents, for example? As well, its possible that police were so wrong in their investigation and now they are trying to blame the Madeleines parents because they wasted a precious time in useless things.
    Madeleines case is more dificult tha Isabelas case, but they will have something in common at the end: the truth will come up.

  16. Betty

    They are the criminals…even if they dont killed Madeleine , they are guilty because they left here alone, with the twins. OH MY GOD !!!!! How its possible ?? Having Fun , in vacation…and the poor children all the time in the Kindergarten ?? I vahe children also…twins, and i never, ever left them alone to have fun ! Where i am , they are !!!!! So..McCanns live forever with guilty !!!! YOU BOTH ARE CRIMINALS !! YOU SHOULD BE IN JAIL !!!!!!

  17. Paul Jacob

    If this had been an uneducated working class couple out drinking while their three young children were left in the house down the road I suspect the story would have been somewhat less sympathetic. But these two are a well educated middle class couple, so there is a completely different outcome. Clearly common sense does not come with this territory. Where was the risk management, shocking given that one parent is a doctor. If you leave your kids alone at home you are not there to stop things going wrong. No one surely would wish this on them. I do not. But they have never taken any responsibility for their shocking failure to adequately protect their children. It is abandonment. It is to be regretted and deeply sad that they have paid a very high price for this lapse of judgement. They did not ask for the cruel act to befall them. But surely they should call our a warning that you leave your most precious property unguarded at you own peril.

  18. MattH

    Why did Mrs McCann call herself a “grieving mother” when referring to her emotional state at the time of the alleged press intrusion to the Levenson inquiry?

    Slip of the tongue? Her husbands’ eyes certainly showed emotion at this time as they appeared to water slightly.

    Would we really use the term “grief” or any of its derivatives unless we had accepted that someone had passed away? Was there (or is there?) still hope that their daughter would be found safe and well?

  19. Frances Martin

    This is a very creepy and strange case, and the McCanns are too!!

    They are relentless in their lies and manipulations using Machievellic Public Relations all the time!!

    What and who is really behind them, supporting them on their deceiving and unconvincing acts?

    Are they the trigger point for the multi-billionare child tagging plans ahead of us???

  20. Vivian

    Poor little maddi, I hope she is alright, and nothing has happened to her, I’ve been following this case since she disappeared.
    why would her parents leave her unattened in the hotel, while having their back turned to the hotel room? parents like that are irrespinsible.

    Yes, we all would love to know the truth about what happened to little maddi, but will we ever find out? Will the truth ever be revealed?
    i really do hope so, who ever knows the truth about maddi, should come out of their little hole, and confess. Maddi is still a little girl she deserves to be with her family, is they weren’t the once that did this to her.

    David Payne, should have never made those gestures while talking about their children, that is just disgusting and should be taking as a hint that he might has something to do with the disappreance of little maddi.

    I hope maddi will be found soon, before it is to late.
    My thoughts and prayers are with her, hold in their little girl, they will find you and everything will be alright again.
    This sick person that did this to her should rott in jail.

  21. Meredith

    It is so sad to know that this happened to such a sweet little girl. Based on all of the websites I have been to, and what information I have read, I think the parents killed her. They left there three small children in a hotel room, with the doors unlocked, how respnsible is that? That just proves right there how much they actually care about their children and what type of people they are. I hope Maddie is still alive, and I hope that the police will find her soon but like I said, based on what I know about all of this, I really think her parents killed her, and I don’t think sweet, innocent Maddie is alive today.

  22. Emma Chizit

    I have just come across your website which seems to be set up to create pain for anyone who feels empathy for the McCann family by questioning te evidence to date and undermining the family’s continuing campaign to find Madeline. In Australia, we have had a similar child abduction case which is about to go before the courts, when the prime suspect will be tried for the murder of young Queensland boy Daniel Morcombe. The parents of this child have been relentless in their search for the truth for nearly 10 years. Their persistence meant the the case was continually open, and pressured the police into following every single lead – thousands and thousands of them. Finally a breakthrough came last year and now those of us who have followed this terrible story hope to see justice done at last.

  23. rita

    Good day all,

    I want to share what I think that is happend…
    For some reason the mother have killed her child mabye an eccident mabye not.. Then she hide the body ant start saying they took her… Later on she tells her husband what she did and with what for reason he decide to help her get rid of the body( if you have read enough of the stories you also have read that the first couple days the mother and father didnt search as hard they should as parrents so they had enough ours to get rid of the body)when every one was looking for her the next day or the day after they drove to the shore.. bend a few heavy rocks on her body or put her in a barrel and the threw her in to the sea not far from the sea coast and with the stream she could be found fast or not because of the rocks or heavy barrel but i ll think in a few years we get to hear the real story… I think she is no longer alive.. That pretty young girl has not enjoyd her life like she suppost to.. And its al her mothers fault… s

  24. GMC

    “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

    Winston Churchill

    “It is the nature of Truth to struggle to the light.”

    Wilkie Collins (“Man and Wife”, 1870).

    What has happened, all of that that has taken place, known to some, has happened and will never be unknown nor erasable.

    With love, in truth.

  25. Amy


    Okay, i dont want to be hard on the parents whose daughter is missing, BUT……

    I think is sooooo stupid and egoistic to leave there children alone, just so they can go on a restaurant… who does thar????!!!!!

    I would never, and i say NEVER leave my children alone!!!!

    If thats the truth, that Madeleine was abducted, that’s all her parents fault!! That’s what i think!! If they wouldnt leave there children alone at a hotelroom, their daughter wouldnt be missing!!

    But i really hope that Maddie is okay…And that they will find her!

    But i still think its so egoistic!! Even if it is so that her parents went to the hotelroom each 30 minutes to check on the children, its so stupid, what if the children would wake up alone, and scream for 30 minutes before their parents came again to check on them…the poor children would have been so terrified and screaming, poor them!!
    But unfortunately something worse happend, and Maddie is missing!!!

    I would never be so egoistic and leave my children alone at a hotelroom on our vacation, just so i can go out and have a nice time on a restaurant!!!

    But i really hope for Maddies sake thats she is okay and alive and will be found!!

    But if you leave your children alone, social services should look at the family situation and give the children a safer home with the parents around and not parents who leave them alone just so they can go out and have fun!!!

    God bless you Maddie, i hope you are okay and that u will come home safe!!

    // Amy

  26. Holland

    Hi Everyone,

    This is a message regarding posts who accuse the parents.
    First of all, I find it a horrible thing to say without knowledge.
    If you investigate the case you come to the conclusion they love their children very much and wouldn’t harm them in any way.
    Gerald McCann and Kate Healy McCann studied medicine, and not criminology. They are 2 people who believe and trust their surroundings. They did not leave their children behind to party. They took a Mark Warner holiday because it has childcare and the reason that they left the patio door open was because it was a shortcut to their children and to apartment 5B and 5D.

    I just wanted to post and hope that those who think the parents did something will read this. I actually hope the parents will too.
    For I got this to say:
    Sometimes you look around and you believe that those who stand beside you, are people you know. But you cannot look into their minds and you cannot look into their hearts unless you look at facts.
    So let’s look at the facts:

    1.) 9.00 p.m -Matthew Oldfield checked the apartments before 9.00 p.m when he got up to chevvy Fiona and David Payne along who was there with Fiona’s mother. He returned at 9.05 p.m.
    2.) 9.05 p.m – Gerald McCann checks on his children and sees that everything is alright. When he leaves the apartment he sees a tennis buddy called Jeremiah. They remain talking near the McCanns apartment. He returned at 9.13 p.m
    3.) 9.10 p.m – Jane Tanner checks her daughters. As she walks by Jeremiah and Gerald she “sees a man who is carrying a child”. When she returns she says the children are fine and sees Gerald McCann also returned. She returned at 9.15 p.m
    4.) 9.20 p.m Matthew Oldfield and Russell O’Brien have to go to the toilet. They offer Kate McCann (who also stood up) to check on her children. She agreed and told them the patio door was open if they wanted to check on her children. They say they went straight to their own apartment. Russell said he noticed his daughter Evie was ill so he stayed behind. Matthew Oldfield said he checked on his daughter and as he returned he walked by the patio stairs, walked up the stairs through the patio to check on the McCanns children. He did not open the door and just saw the twins in the cot from a corner angle. He walked back through the patio door to the Tapas table.
    There Matthew said that everything was fine and Russell stayed behind. Matthew Oldfield returned at 9.35 p.m.
    5.) 9.45 Jane Tanner said she returned to the apartment to take over the care for Evie so Russell O’Brien could return and eat.
    6.) 9.55 p.m Russell O’Brien returned to the tapas table.

    This is the timeline they gave to the police.
    But now let’s look at the facts:

    Fact 1. Matthew Oldfield stated he did not see an open window when he checked the McCanns twins.
    Fact 2. The Portugese police did not see a sign of force of entry.
    Fact 3. The timeline between Jane Tanner and Gerald McCann was 5 minutes. That means that according to Jane Tanner, the “abductor” had 5 minutes to break open the window and take Maddie. And the “abductor” did that with Gerald McCann and Jeremiah next to the apartment.
    Fact 4. Jane Tanner described the pyjama of Maddie McCann without seeing her that night. She calls it abduction witness knowledge, but I call it suspect knowledge.
    Fact 5. Jane Tanner gave 4 different identities to the abductor, which includes 3 different sketches and a line up.
    Sketch 1. First she draws a man with no face, called the eggmann.
    Sketch 2. Then she describes the clothing of the abductor.
    Line Up. She points out Robert Murat in Portugal and constantly remained with the fact that he was the abductor. But when she gives a statement to the police in Leicestershire, she denies that Robert Murat was the abductor. The question already raised why she saw Robert Murat on the night of Maddie McCann’s vanishing when he was working as a police translator but never pointed him out that night. She clearly said the “abductor” had lots of hair while Robert Murat is going bald. And to the police she stated that she did not see the “abductor” clearly that night when they asked for a discription.
    Sketch 4. The sketch is called the monster man and looks absolutely nothing like Robert Murat.
    Fact 6. She is the girlfriend of Russell O’Brien. A man who was away for 30 minutes and has no concrete alibi. Many believe Jane Tanner lied about the abduction to cover up for Russell O’Brien.
    Fact 7. The window was closed according to witnessess. So if there was an abductor, he must have returned to open the window. That means, when Maddie was taken he did nog go to the highway or anywhere else, but remained close so he could return to a crimescene and open a window. While people with a crime expertise say that it is highly unlikely a child would get abducted with a father that is 2 metres away, does that in 5 minutes including breaking in so he can return to a crimescene just to open a window.
    That window was opened from the inside to distract.
    Fact 8. Russell O’Brien gave 3 different statements to the police and even changed a statement with the Leicestershire police.
    Fact 9. The Smith’s claimed they saw a man after they saw that there was an award with finding Maddie McCann. They gave the description the police handed out based on Jane Tanner’s description. But Jane Tanner changed that description in England, that means the Smith family is kinda busted with trying to exploid a broken father and mother. That concludes that the only one who saw the abductor was Jane Tanner.
    Fact 10. Jeremiah never saw anyone walking with a child and he had view on the same area.

  27. Holland

    Follow up,

    What I am trying to say with is the following and I hope the McCanns will read this:

    If someone who I saw/see as a friend told me, they had seen an abductor, I would believe it too.
    The hurt and pain of losing a child is beyond and after 5 years all you have is hope. Hope that one day she might come back. Hope is what gets a person going.

    The McCanns gave interview after interview in the hope that the “abductor” would see it, get a feeling of sympathy and return her safely. The McCanns handed out flyers and search day and night while every Goverment is alert.

    Gerry, if you can read this: with the reconstruction in Portugal you saw Jane Tanner laugh like it is funny. We as citizins see her holding back a smile and laugh constantly cause she thinks it is funny to make parents believe a child is alive, while she is not.
    Tears roll down our faces because you and your wife have hope and anyone who read the case understands that you are innocent. The fact you became arguido’s was because you believe your ‘friends’ ..

    I can imagen as parents you do not want to give up that hope, but the police is trained to look at facts.
    And the fact remains, that Jane Tanners and Russell O’Brien’s statements do not add up. Jane Tanner is Russell’s wife. They have two children, she would do anything to protect that.

    And posters:
    Please stop damaging and hurting those parents and start looking at facts !! They are running around for 5 years now while Jane Tanner is laughing her ass off.
    I can’t believe how cruel people can be !!

    And Jane Tanner, if you read this and I hope you will:
    Russell told you it was an accident so you would help him but the fact is, your husband Russell there is a paedophile!!
    Suck on that one, BITCH!!

  28. Holland

    Post For Rita,

    What do you mean with they didn’t search at all?
    They were up all night and left to search again before dawn.
    As an outsider you cannot judge people by their faces and think you know what they feel inside. Those parents didn’t harm her. They would give their own life just to hold her once again.
    I find it awfull for the parents that they are blaming themselves.
    Kate McCann feels like she let Madeleine down, Gerry McCann asks himself daily what he could have done differently (according to statements). Do you seriously believe, an abductor would head towards an apartment where he has to break in first, while Madeleine’s father is outside talking to a friend and could turn around any second, and does all that in 5 minutes?
    Kinda risky for an abductor, especially to turn around to a crimescene just to open a window there.

    I seriously find it awfull that people are speculating without facts.
    Leave Gerald and Kate McCann alone !!!

    Site Admin: The McCanns did not stay up all night searching for Madeleine. Get your facts right before posting propaganda. Kate Healy admits they never went out searching for Madeleine the night she was reported missing.

  29. ALC

    I cannot believe two adults with as much intelligence as these two have could leave three children under the age of 4 on their own at night or at any time of any day. Children are a full time responsibility; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! The neglegence of these children is terrible. There should have been some kind of punishment for doing that a lone.

    I hope Maddie is found soon.

  30. Pam

    Its been playing on my mind for sometime now. Why did at first did Mrs McCann say theyve taken her. My son at 4yrs used to go walk about my first thoughts would have been hes gone walkabout and where is he certainly not to think or say they had taken him, as to the patio doors being open as well.
    At least they should have locked all doors and windows and anyhow should never have left those little children all alone.
    There where facilities for a childminder.

  31. Luis

    would the McCanns be available for a polygrahp test?????
    If they are innocent, they could prove it.

    Thing to do: Read the “Madie, the truth of the lie”
    Google it, it’s available on the net.
    The book from Goncalo Amaral may have been banned from being published but it is available on the net, in english and in portuguese. “Madie, a verdade da mentira”

  32. taylor hannah

    i say her parents were involved as if ur child went missing u wouldnt go out jokin the next day and in every pic on the paper her dad has a weird grin on his face aswell in the interveiw they may have been crying but there was no tears so it was fake crying if you were really upset then there would be tears

  33. Kg

    For those of you who had any doubt about the mccann’s, I would urge you to at least read the book written by maddir’s mother! Think about what you are writing, to comment that the parents did this is beyond cruel, it is pure speculation based on no factual evidence ! I don’t know why some people still believe the parents have something to do with it.. Well I can, it’s the media’s influence, who will write anything for a good story ! And these gullible people believe them ! Do these people believe it was an accident or the parent’s fault because the truth of the matter that there are these kind of people – the actual abductor – are out there is far more scarey to them, possibly as parents ?

  34. bengalpuss29

    To the people that say “Stop blaming the parents they love there children so much” I ask you this question “When you go on holiday and on the evening you go out for a meal. Would you leave your wallet, purse, passport, jewelry and other valuable’s on your bed and go out leaving the door unlocked”? I guess the answer is no. So why would you do the same to 3 children under the age of 4. The mccann’s brought suspition On themselves with all the lies. If my child was missing and 48 questions were asked to me, I would answer everyone of them to help find my child. If i was asked to do a reconstruction to jog the memories of people, i would jump at the chance, if i was coming home from the police station, and they rang me to ask me to go back to identify a little girl they thought was my daughter caught on cctv in a petrol station, smoke would be coming off the wheels to get back quick, instead of moaning that your gonna be late to go out that night. These are not the actions of a concerned couple for their child

  35. rita

    For holland..

    I am a mother as well and i live in holland(the netherlands)

    I have read everything that has been on the internet about maddie and i have al the books including kate’s book.. Haw so ever… You dont know much as i can understand out of youre speakings…

    Dont get me wrong… I am hoping that i am wrong… And that maddie is still alive and that someday she will come back… But i think she is in a better place… Mabye that the man david knows more and that the mother helpt him in a shok… I dont know what happends but what i do know its not something good.. And the parrents where involveld… And the foundation is just a cover up to let the people think they are not guilty… And they cannot stop the foundation because we will think that they are lying… And the money is also good to use.. And it will cover up all the cost of taking a trip while they are looking for maddie but what they are realy doing is takeing a holiday… Some pepeole doenst have a conscience… And some people will do everything voor there husband or wife…hAve you ever read about david payne… I think you should read first everything that you can find about this case and watch the interviews and the questions that kate refuses to answer.. And everything good and bad what is on the internet and read the investication paperwork that you can read then i mean the real paperwork from the police and then tell me what you think…

    I dont know where she is but i think they should must take a good look in the ocean nearby the resort where they where staying at that moment… Something tells me they tied her up to something havy and dropped her in the ocean.. eighter it was the mother of the father even a uncle or a friend… I think one of them just have trow her in the ocean to get rid of her… Its had to say and i dont want to say it but its just a feeling that i have just from the very beginning…

    That what i think and everyone has an oppinion and so do i…

    And most of the time my first feeling is the right one…

  36. rita

    Hi all…

    I’m just thinking of madeleine… The most of you only think of her round her missing date but i think weekly if its not daily about her…

    I just wanted to ask if there is some new news already about the investication? Because i think it is a bit quite around the missing madeleine…

    Madeleine i hope that some day you wil be back with youre parrents or that you have some peace up in heaven…

  37. John K.

    I’m speaking to the world! If you think you might know something about Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, please come forth even if you don’t think it’s important. I also beg people to come forth even if they’re afraid to do so. Most cases go unsolved due to people being afraid to come forward. This family has suffered know knowing where their daughter is for 5 years. Imagine your own kid going missing that long and not knowing where he/she is. I’m not even related to the McCann’s and it breaks my heart that they have to suffer something like this. Please stop saying that the McCann’s are guilty. If they were, this case would be solved. I also urge everybody to watch the “Haunting Evidence” episode about Madeleine McCann and come forward with any identifications matching the sketch made by the psychics. I just want Madeleine McCann found.

  38. John K

    I really want Madeleine McCann found by 2014. I already feel sad and angry that somebody would kidnap a little girl and not even confess. When will the monster responsible for this kidnapping come forward?! Whoever did this has absolutely done enough to the McCanns. I will never loose hope for the McCanns.

  39. trixy


    I think your right about the ocean nearby the resort, those are my thoughts too, infact Im pretty sure the poor girl has been dumped in the sea. Did the police even consider looking or searching in the sea? everything seems very negative for the family its pretty obvious that they killed her in my opinion the dog sniffer that went in to the room put the nail in it for me. The family and the parents need to be looked at again

  40. trixy

    I just found this and I think they should have still looked into it just to cover all. the 27 in deep and 16 in wide if you think about it is the perfect depth and size for a small shallow grave for a small child. They should really look any way.

    If Madeleine id dead, where is her body?

    Various theories have been put forward, however none have stood up to closer scrutiny. One detective was quoted not long after the three-year-old disappeared as saying that her body was dumped at sea in a bag weighted with stones. Police are said to have at one point considered the possibility the McCanns somehow recruited an accomplice to help smuggle the body on to a boat.

    Another theory is that Madeleine was buried beneath major roadworks. The area around the Nossa Senhora da Luz church, where the McCanns regularly prayed, was dug up for water pipes around the time Madeleine disappeared. Officials dismissed this theory because the holes were just 27 in deep and 16 in wide.

  41. Frances

    The McCann are GUILTY! They also have a powerful machinery behind them, from politicians to people in industry – They have used very expensive master of spins, the average person cannot afford. There is some big cover- up I do wonder if they will use the case to make big money for example, chips for kids ?? big money is always behind

    They have refused time and again to help out the police, till they were in secured territory and don’t seem to know the word Truth !

  42. John k

    I really want police to take the psychics’ tips more seriously. Now, I know most of you don’t believe in psychic abilities, but if they come to the same conclusion without having any contact with each other, then they can be a very important part of the investigation.

  43. Steven Cullen

    Hello, right, i have read every single one of these comments from the silly to the common sense, from the guilty to the not gulity, from the stupid to the briliant. Everyone is entitled to their opinion as this is exactly what it is. now let me have my 2 pence worth:

    I have to side with the majority (majority is right 9 times out of 10) People go with the facts and form a majority vote and its quite clear the mccanns guilty is a majority opinion. I mean really if we were having a serious debate with evidence and facts then the book stops at the dogs smelling cavader and blood in the room. Really this should end of debate however people over look this fact including mr mccann himself as non reliable. I mean 200 out of 200 cases so 100% strike rate is “unreliable” who can argue with that? The point i will reiterate that many have eluded to is even it was 10% (its not but 100%) then wouldnt you at least go for it? CRAZY.

    Evidence stacks up time and time again, all of which has aleady been stated many many times. The big evidence such as Mr White spotting a man carrying a little blonde child to the beach (that no-one seems to know bout in England), Dogs and their results, the contradicting stories of the tapas gang, pictures and Mr Stephen Birch’ findings. Open or closed patio doors, window open or closed. Just everything. Also a point for all the Mccann supporters why was the window open with only Mrs Mccanns fingerprints on with proof it was cleaned by the cleaners that morning in the bedroom ummm becasue she opened it maybe? This therefore becomes not an opinion but a fact.

    Interviews are revealing in that can anyone hide body language? Words that slip and bodily actions cannot be helped and inevitabally come out which can be and have been viewed and it just looks guilty even by people who know nothing about this case, they say it just looks wrong and guilty. Lets face it it doesnt look natural convincing really again if we honest?

    The motive to all this is the law and the fact uk law. Im not certain as im not a lawyer but i would say the mccanns would be jailed and loss of kids and everything they own and jobs. They are both doctors they know the game. They are not stupid people remember that, if we believe the “fact” they left the patio doors open which has been claimed then your a mug just like i think your a mug if you dont think Mr Mccann didn’t really know Gordon Brown the PM at the time this all happened. Even if your stupid enough to leave your kids alone abroad you dont take the biscuit and leave doors open to the room of any sort. Its like believing a streaker enters a sporting event which does happen but they never have a picnic on the field. Also another fact here not opinion is the Portugese Police recorded their first call at 11.50pm and arrived at the scene at just after midight, i thought Madeleine went missing at 10pm so how do we explain 1 hour 50 mins gap. You can’t thats the problem.

    The whole thing doesnt add up and an accident occurred that night not a murder of madeleines blood found by the sofa first where she must of fell or something happened and the dogs detected and then transferred the body to the wardrobe in the parents room which again was proved by the magical dogs and also lets remember the fact that dogs “CAN’T” lie. They dont understand human language so cant be tempted by bribes or anything else you may here. My point here is the body was taken from the sofa floor to the wardrobe where both cavaders smells were. Isnt this just simple police detective work that “John” down the club could figure out?

    I geuinely hope like everyone surely does the truth will come out one day and i am certain it will as the truth is but the truth and the truth cannot lie. A 3 year old girl died and let her have the justice that deserves. Karma will win like it always does.

    I want to make one final point that has NEVER been mentioned in the millions things i have read or seen and i think i may have got something here: let me know what you think. There were 2 pictures released of Maddie apparently taken on the day on the incident that anyone involved in the case will be familiar with. There was one with her holding 3 tennis balls on a tennis court and one of her sitting by poolside with her Dad and sibling. Now i dont doubt that is Madeleine in the poolside one as the Dad and sibling can be seen but look at the tennis court picture and put it up side by side with the poolside one and i have doubts to whether they are the same girl. To me these are 2 different girls. The 2 bits that make me think this is 1. the Hair, it looks longer and a different colour and also look how tall Maddie looks in the tennis pic, she is very tall in my opinion for a 3 year old. For my money too tall. Its not the same girl im convinced. I may be wrong as not 100% but your thoughts?

    I will leave you with a quote i have come up with myself that i feel sums it all up perfectly.

    “This is the Lance Armstrong case of the political world”


  44. Lili


    I want to know why hasn’t the site that Stephen Birch is claiming that Madalines body is….why havn’t they dug that site yet?

    The McCanns did it I’m sure of it!

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