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  1. Elle

    @ Steven Cullen
    There does seem to be a discrepancy in those photos, other than the claim that Madeleine didn’t actually go to the tennis court the day she disappeared. Remember Gerry apparently sent his friend up to make sure Kate was OK?
    The other things could be explained away. The change of hat colour frm white at the pool to pink on the tennis court. The change of clothing from a dress at the pool to shorts and tshirt at the tennis court. A slightly deeper tan and darker hair on the child in the tennis court, but these could be due to the light at the time the photo was taken. As I say these could all be explained away.
    I must also say that I don’t understand Kate’s claim about Amaral’s book.

  2. steve m

    When are the parents going to admit there guilt?
    they drugged the girl, as she wouldn’t go to sleep, just so they could go out and party with there FRIENDS, who are all involved

    one of the parents goes back to check on the children, to find two babies asleep, and one sorry to say it, but a dead child (due drugs)
    the friends rally round to conspire a false abduction, and the parents get sucked into it, and string the story along, I do believe that neither parent was a party to this, but after the police were involved, (total clowns !!) they were part of a very big story

    if someone was to take a baby, to sell on, do what ever with (SiCK)
    why not take the two sleeping babies ?

    one day the parents will be caught, and “WOW” what a day that will be

  3. Laaroussi

    I think that the parents are the ones to be suspected. They are behind this story for almost 90% and the 10% left is other external things that we don’t and will never know. Never forget Madeleine.

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