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It was in May 2007 that Madeleine McCann — a British girl who was about to turn four — vanished while she and her parents were on holiday in Portugal. Her disappearance quickly became one of the year’s top news stories.

Her parents organized an extraordinary campaign to try to find their daughter. They raised money from millionaires and small donors alike. They held news conferences across Europe. They even had an audience with the Pope. But Madeleine’s whereabouts remain a mystery.

Shortly after Madeleine disappeared, a Canadian couple arrived in Portugal’s Algarve region and landed an accidental front-row seat for this story. Nancy Durham is the CBC’s London correspondent and she prepared a documentary about the couple’s experience.



  1. mimi

    There seems to be no interest in finding this little girl. Regardless of asking for tips serious tips are being ignored… wonder why . Maybe her family really does know exactly what happened to her but continue to mislead the public for their own reasons.. what a shame.

    Site Admin: The powers that be know where she is. The parents know where she is. This charade will keep going on because it has to protect some very important people.

  2. Barbra

    Why all this fuss about one little girl? What about the millions of children who go missing every year? Something very strange is going on.
    The child was left with her twin sisters on her own in the house, the
    parents were out. Shouldn’t the parents have been cautioned at the very least about leaving three small children unattended? No, this was
    pushed under the carpet, why????

  3. wendy mortimer

    you should get your facts right ,twein sisters? as one sibling is a boy ,shouldn’t that be twins. and if it was your child ,wouldn’t you want to raise awareness ,and keep this in the public eye.

  4. Nvieira

    Wendy Mortimer if I were the parents I wouldn’t be murdering my child and then defrauding the public to give me money so I can duck, weave and dive out of having to answer for it! These two pieces of shit are murderers who deserve a solid beating before being thrown bodily into prison to get there asses kicked everyday by convicts who despise those who harm children! Only THEN would justice be served.

    Where were these “poor” parents when everyone else was searching for their daughter? That’s right. Inventing a timeline to cover their asses and make sure their pedo friends were speaking from the same script. Instead of supporting murderers, give your head a shake and wake up to reality!

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