Services and Quality Director: Metodo 3

Francisco Marco Fernández

Metodo 3 are the Spanish private investigators hired by the Madeleine Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited. Based in Barcelona, they were hired at a cost of 50,000 per month soon after the McCanns fled Portugal and returned to England.

Francisco Marco Fernández is the Services and Quality Director. A Doctor in criminal law by the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, he is also member of the Intercomunitary Association of Private Detectives, Master specialist in laws for societies, speaker at many university lessons and author of several legal books for the Aranzadi Editorial. He holds Private Detective Licence Nº: 769.

Francisco Marco Fernández is also a specialist in IT law and he has a Master’s in corporation law. He is both a lawyer and a private detective.

He has written a wealth of doctrinal articles on the subject of private investigation, its legislation and jurisprudence.

His doctoral thesis is entitled “Private detectives and the right to privacy”.

Ever since he was young, he has shown a great interest in all things related with private investigation, its legislation, the company – detective relationship and the figure of the detective in Spain.

Several of his works on these subjects have been published. He is the author of “Código de Seguridad Privada” (“Private Security Code”),  co-written with the Professor of Criminal Law, Fermín Morales Prats, and published by Aranzadi. The manual he compiled entitled “El Control en la Empresa” (“Control of the Company”) has also been published.

Francisco Marco may have a string of impressive credentials to his name but his big blunder in the McCann Case was his claim that he knew where Madeleine was and that he would have her home by Christmas 2007.

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