Most of you will have seen yesterday that our seven friends, who were on holiday with us in Portugal when Madeleine was abducted, have been awarded libel damages. The Express group of newspapers admitted that many of the stories written about our friends were completely untrue and without foundation. They have apologised and paid £375,000 in to Madeleine’s Fund. This money will be put to good use for the ongoing search for our beautiful little girl.

Our friends were under no obligation to pay the damages in to the fund. However they have from day one indicated that this was what they wanted and have clearly demonstrated that finding Madeleine is of the utmost importance to them. They, like us, believe there is a very good chance Madeleine is alive and can be found. Thank you Fiona, David, Russell, Jane, Matt, Rachael and Diane.

We would also like to thank our friends in Portugal. They continue to hold a monthly Friday night vigil in Praia da Luz vigil to pray for Madeleine and other missing children, like so many others around the world.

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