Inspector Amaral

‘CM’ [Correio da Manhã] today starts the exclusive publication of excerpts from the book by Gonçalo Amaral, who believes that Madeleine McCann died inside the apartment at Praia da Luz. The episode of the holidays in 2005, in Mallorca – which raises suspicions about a friend of the couple – and the DNA results are the first parts.

“Madeleine Beth McCann, aged two and a half, and her twin siblings, at that time only a few months old, go away on holidays in the company of the parents, on the island of Mallorca. Three other couples of doctors and their children go along with them. […] S. G. had attended the university in Dundee, between 1987 and 1992, where he met the future mother of Madeleine. K. G. only met Gerry McCann on his wedding with Kate Healy, around 1998, in Liverpool. After that event, the couple S.G. and K.G. become intimate friends with Madeleine’s parents, meeting often, spending weekends together, keeping in touch over the phone.

On the third or fourth night in Mallorca, after dinner, eating and drinking, while sitting around a table on the patio outside the house, K.G. watches a scene that makes her fear for her daughter’s well being, and that of the other children. She was sitting between Gerry McCann and David Payne, when she heard the latter ask whether she, maybe referring to Madeleine, would do ‘this’, then starting to suck on one of his fingers, which he pushed in and out of his mouth, insinuating a phallic object, while at the same time, with the fingers of his other hand, he traced circles around his nipple, in a provocative and sexual manner. At the moment when K.G. looked at Gerry McCann and David Payne with stupefaction, a nervous silence took place. Then everyone continued to chat as if nothing had happened. This episode left K.G. with serious doubts about David Payne’s relationship with children. On another occasion, K.G. would once again see David Payne making the same gestures, this time while speaking about his own daughter. During that holiday period, it was the fathers who usually bathed the children, but from that moment on, K.G. never allowed David Payne to come close to her daughter. After those holidays in Mallorca, K.G. only met David and Fiona Payne on one occasion, and has not spoken to them since.

[…] What is written above was reported to the English police on the 16th of May 2007, only thirteen days after the disappearance of Madeleine, by the couple S. G. and K. G. It was information that was important and pertinent for the investigation. Yet, nothing was transmitted to the Portuguese police.

[…] I think that it was only after I left the investigation, maybe in late October 2007, that K.G.’s deposition was sent to the Portuguese police. It is legitimate to ask: for what reason did the English police, apparently, conceal that testimony for six months? When did they find out that David Payne, who had organized the trip to Mallorca, and who had been signaled with anomalous behaviour towards children, was the same who organized the trip to Portugal, that he was part of the holiday group in the village of Luz where Madeleine had been integrated, that he was the first family friend who could be seen at Kate McCann’s side after the child’s disappearance (as seen further ahead) and that on the date of the deposition he was still in Portugal, and could be confronted with these statements?

[…] In early September, a few days before the McCann couple was constituted as arguidos, Superintendent Stuart Prior travels to Portimão. He brings a first preliminary report [from the forensics lab in Birmingham], and comes to discuss the state of the investigation with us. During a meeting in our office, with the Portuguese and the English investigation teams, Stuart shows his disappointment with the results of the tests. This is where the saga of the FSS reports starts. We read the report and we do not agree with Stuart’s disappointment. The blood residues that were collected from the floor, behind the sofa in apartment 5A, as well as the blood residues that were recovered from the boot of the car that was used by the McCanns, are the issue. We talk about blood residues because the CSI dog is trained to detect only that bodily fluid. The reports that were used to based the decision on, which were written by experts Mark Harrison and Martin Grime, are clear: the CSI dog was used to locate human blood. The Low Copy Number, the technique that is used to determine the DNA from those samples, does not determine from which bodily fluid the DNA comes from. In the first case, it can be read that an incomplete DNA result was obtained, because the sample contained little information, presenting low level DNA indications that come from more than one person. But all the DNA components that are confirmed, match the corresponding components from Madeleine’s DNA profile!

Concerning the second case, after an explanation about the DNA components of Madeleine’s profile, and concluding that it is represented by 19 alleles, it is concluded that 15 are present in the tested sample. This means that 4 alleles are missing to obtain a 100% conclusive match. According to the experts from that lab, those 15 were not enough to conclude, with a high degree of certainty, that we were looking at Madeleine’s DNA profile, even more so because the Low Copy Number found 37 components in the sample. Those 37 components were apparently there because at least three individuals had contributed to that result. Although 15 components from Madeleine’s DNA profile had been found, the result was considered to be complex.

But this first preliminary report went further. In it, the scientist had the unusual care of explaining that in many of the profiles of the lab experts, elements from Madeleine’s DNA profile are present. This means that a good part of the DNA profile of any person can be built by three donors. It is understandable. Two questions were immediately raised. The first one: what use was a DNA profile, in terms of criminal evidence, if it can be the combination of three or more donors.

The other question was simple: why did the DNA profile from those three donors contribute for 15 components of Madeleine’s DNA profile and not that of anyone else, like for example, the scientist who performed the test? But the surprises from the preliminary reports would go even further. […]”


  1. trixy

    I hope she’s alive too but the fact that this story has had such huge world wide debates etc and not a single person has spotted her by now and with the dog sniffing death in that apartment (unless someone else died in there a few days before or something) and all the dodgy cover stories etc the chances are Maddy is sadly dead and I personally believe the parents and family know what happened they know where she is and why they havent been questioned more and looked into more guess will never know but the truth often comes out in the end. And to admin if people choose to pray thats up to them its the thought that counts even if we know it doesnt work it makes people feel better etc. everyone to there own you know.

  2. Filipa

    To Jon (and everyone else, because I know this has been said often amongst the British press), the Portuguese police are actually quite competent and are highly trained in dealing with serious cases. And when things like this do occur, they handle it almost always in a swift manner and with results. Just because you don’t hear about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen here in Portugal or take it as a good sign that our police officers are quite competent and certainly as competent as the British police. The fact is that the people who messed up the investigation were the child’s parents and friends, who contacted the BBC and the British police out of place, made a spectacle of the crime, contaminated the scene (I mean, these are educated people. You don’t need to be highly intelligent to know that once a crime occurs, you leave the scene as untouched as possible so that evidence isn’t lost to the sea of strangers coming in, and don’t invite everyone around without calling the police right away).

    I’m not saying that her parents are guilty – although, as someone has said before, they do have evidence that the couple was in the habit of drugging their children. And leaving them alone like that? A barely grown child alone in a room with two young siblings, how is that any way to behave? To parent? The fact is that the McCann’s did everything to stand in the way of the Portuguese police and that the British police were of little happy once the McCann returned to England – the investigation was stalled and slowed by the distance and by the utter lack of cooperation. They refused to help and to testify, their friends were utterly unreliable and hid behind their English nationality to escape further questions that would have been asked to any regular suspects and people of interests, or just people who are merely important by the fact that they were there.

    The whole investigation was thrown by the McCann and if truth be told, I think that they know a lot more then they let on and that they do have a hand in this. The insistence to blame the Portuguese officials is ridiculous and shallow, an attempt to throw the “little people” under the bus because the fact is that it was the McCann’s behaviour that not only stalled the investigation but probably got her killed if she was indeed abducted. Who’d want to keep her when the whole world is looking for her? These things are sensitive and require able and educated hands, people who are trained to deal with the crimes in hand. Calling the BBC and the media was the worst thing they ever did, if they aren’t directly related to her murder, of course.

  3. osirisgothra

    It is quite unfortunate. But hopefully “good” parents will learn a valuable lesson on learning the signs of pedophiles. Just because the person is a doctor, went to a University and has a ton of money does not mean they arent one. In fact, ive heard more cases of the so called “normal” people being child molesters than ones that might “look like” one. Just be smart, don’t let your kids be around or alone with anyone that you don’t trust ENTIRELY. A friend of 10 years does not mean you can trust them… but unfortunately you have to be the judge of that. Too many kids get hurt these days and it makes me sick, but don’t let their terror be in vain, protect your kids further with the knowledge you gain from stories like these !!

  4. Who

    This little girl died in the apartment and she was buried near the beach.
    The parents would go to jail or lose other children if the truth got out.
    This would have destroyed their material life.
    Madeliene , died from a accident in the apartment.
    The search dogs do not miss or lie and they always sniff out the truth.
    The Dogs are professional and excellent crime solvers.
    If they ever find a small bone or human remains then the help find Madeliene , fund will no longer exist and we are talking millions in donations. The truth more than likely will stay in the landfill or hidden grave.
    I could never leave such a beautiful child in a apartment alone to be kidnapped , murdered or molested. The parents can sit on their paid interviews and act like the perfect parents and husband and wife, but the truth is they are unfit to have children. The other children belong in state care , because the proof lies with the dead daughter on 3 half years old. Madeliene, would still be alive if her parents had secured her safety by hiring a nanny .

  5. KC

    But…If I was the top notch man of Spain this is what I would do………………
    IF YOU DO NOT RETURN HER, AND WE FIND YOU…………….WE WILL DO GREAT HARM to you………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and actually DO IT…..)

  6. john Karma

    Some very interesting and well thought out comments, if they did drug their children to allow them a night out in peace..oh the irony…..then that should be enough to flag them up as unfit parents, one gets the feeling that this runs much deeper…it may have been an accident , but these people are very skilled at manipulating the gullible press, and with the current witch hunt for paedophiles, it is so easy to throw this into the mix to put people off the scent(unlike the tracker dog)…….kidnappers do not keep their prey alive..once ransom is paid…it would cause them to be discovered…so she is dead..accept it its hard i know! If she died in the apartment…highly probable..then the parents are culpable. There is no evidence of a kidnapper….who left two other children by the way..smaller and easier to transport…was ever in the apartment the dogs found no strange smells. Deal with the FACTS please….would you fly home and leave your baby girl in the hands of KIDNAPPERS?????….no of course you wouldnt…would you refuse to answer police questions…to help in the hunt for your baby?? NO of course you wouldnt………how much money have they made from this unfortunate event? Have they hired a private investigator? I would die looking for my baby girl!

  7. john Karma

    I am sorry but you must consider the facts of the case…..Madeline is dead…..she was never snatched from the apartment,there is no evidence for this assumption….the tracker dogs made no indication of foreign invasion into the apartment……………..the parents have refused to co-operate with the Portugese police…..(why would innocent people do this………….their daughter was supposedly kidnapped yet they hampered the police investigation)…there is a strong suspicion that this group of doctors holidaying together, drugged their children to keep them from waking whilst their parents were out……or something even more sinister….just remember most paedophiles are in a position of trust or power……they are rarely working class criminals…Rolf Harris…Jimmy Saville..Clergy…Teachers..Doctors? Politicians? give it some thought…..did she drown in the bath BEFORE they went out? did she wake and go looking for her parents..fall over whilst half asleep..bang her little head….an autopsy would reveal drugs in her system….were the other children tested? These are points of conjecture…but they deserve consideration…were…are..the parents involved in some sick high flying child abuse ring?? CAN WE BE SURE ANY MORE? Too many questions that the McCanns will not answer….it stinks!

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