Inspector Amaral

‘CM’ [Correio da Manhã] today starts the exclusive publication of excerpts from the book by Gonçalo Amaral, who believes that Madeleine McCann died inside the apartment at Praia da Luz. The episode of the holidays in 2005, in Mallorca – which raises suspicions about a friend of the couple – and the DNA results are the first parts.

“Madeleine Beth McCann, aged two and a half, and her twin siblings, at that time only a few months old, go away on holidays in the company of the parents, on the island of Mallorca. Three other couples of doctors and their children go along with them. […] S. G. had attended the university in Dundee, between 1987 and 1992, where he met the future mother of Madeleine. K. G. only met Gerry McCann on his wedding with Kate Healy, around 1998, in Liverpool. After that event, the couple S.G. and K.G. become intimate friends with Madeleine’s parents, meeting often, spending weekends together, keeping in touch over the phone.

On the third or fourth night in Mallorca, after dinner, eating and drinking, while sitting around a table on the patio outside the house, K.G. watches a scene that makes her fear for her daughter’s well being, and that of the other children. She was sitting between Gerry McCann and David Payne, when she heard the latter ask whether she, maybe referring to Madeleine, would do ‘this’, then starting to suck on one of his fingers, which he pushed in and out of his mouth, insinuating a phallic object, while at the same time, with the fingers of his other hand, he traced circles around his nipple, in a provocative and sexual manner. At the moment when K.G. looked at Gerry McCann and David Payne with stupefaction, a nervous silence took place. Then everyone continued to chat as if nothing had happened. This episode left K.G. with serious doubts about David Payne’s relationship with children. On another occasion, K.G. would once again see David Payne making the same gestures, this time while speaking about his own daughter. During that holiday period, it was the fathers who usually bathed the children, but from that moment on, K.G. never allowed David Payne to come close to her daughter. After those holidays in Mallorca, K.G. only met David and Fiona Payne on one occasion, and has not spoken to them since.

[…] What is written above was reported to the English police on the 16th of May 2007, only thirteen days after the disappearance of Madeleine, by the couple S. G. and K. G. It was information that was important and pertinent for the investigation. Yet, nothing was transmitted to the Portuguese police.

[…] I think that it was only after I left the investigation, maybe in late October 2007, that K.G.’s deposition was sent to the Portuguese police. It is legitimate to ask: for what reason did the English police, apparently, conceal that testimony for six months? When did they find out that David Payne, who had organized the trip to Mallorca, and who had been signaled with anomalous behaviour towards children, was the same who organized the trip to Portugal, that he was part of the holiday group in the village of Luz where Madeleine had been integrated, that he was the first family friend who could be seen at Kate McCann’s side after the child’s disappearance (as seen further ahead) and that on the date of the deposition he was still in Portugal, and could be confronted with these statements?

[…] In early September, a few days before the McCann couple was constituted as arguidos, Superintendent Stuart Prior travels to Portimão. He brings a first preliminary report [from the forensics lab in Birmingham], and comes to discuss the state of the investigation with us. During a meeting in our office, with the Portuguese and the English investigation teams, Stuart shows his disappointment with the results of the tests. This is where the saga of the FSS reports starts. We read the report and we do not agree with Stuart’s disappointment. The blood residues that were collected from the floor, behind the sofa in apartment 5A, as well as the blood residues that were recovered from the boot of the car that was used by the McCanns, are the issue. We talk about blood residues because the CSI dog is trained to detect only that bodily fluid. The reports that were used to based the decision on, which were written by experts Mark Harrison and Martin Grime, are clear: the CSI dog was used to locate human blood. The Low Copy Number, the technique that is used to determine the DNA from those samples, does not determine from which bodily fluid the DNA comes from. In the first case, it can be read that an incomplete DNA result was obtained, because the sample contained little information, presenting low level DNA indications that come from more than one person. But all the DNA components that are confirmed, match the corresponding components from Madeleine’s DNA profile!

Concerning the second case, after an explanation about the DNA components of Madeleine’s profile, and concluding that it is represented by 19 alleles, it is concluded that 15 are present in the tested sample. This means that 4 alleles are missing to obtain a 100% conclusive match. According to the experts from that lab, those 15 were not enough to conclude, with a high degree of certainty, that we were looking at Madeleine’s DNA profile, even more so because the Low Copy Number found 37 components in the sample. Those 37 components were apparently there because at least three individuals had contributed to that result. Although 15 components from Madeleine’s DNA profile had been found, the result was considered to be complex.

But this first preliminary report went further. In it, the scientist had the unusual care of explaining that in many of the profiles of the lab experts, elements from Madeleine’s DNA profile are present. This means that a good part of the DNA profile of any person can be built by three donors. It is understandable. Two questions were immediately raised. The first one: what use was a DNA profile, in terms of criminal evidence, if it can be the combination of three or more donors.

The other question was simple: why did the DNA profile from those three donors contribute for 15 components of Madeleine’s DNA profile and not that of anyone else, like for example, the scientist who performed the test? But the surprises from the preliminary reports would go even further. […]”


  1. Lee

    I also agree something is going on with this case and I dont think the parents are telling the truth about that night…

    I “dont think they are good parents at all who leaves their kids alone at night – you just dont leave your kids at that age alone night or day you dont even leave them in a car alone. They have money and have no excuse to not getting a baby sitter. My son is 12 and we still get him a baby sitter…

    They will never tell us the truth 🙁

    Site Admin: They didn’t leave the children in the way they described. That was a cover story for what really happened. But, as you say, it is wrong to leave children unattended.

  2. milly

    since reading all these pieces of information, i am starting to have suspicions myself. i always thought that maddie had been abducted, but now i am no so sure.

  3. Jim (Derby)

    Surely this is grasping at straws?
    The line of argument suggests an elaborate cover up – an enterprise that will forever be going off the rails because of the vararies of human nature – some will always spill the beans.
    I think Kate and Gerry are innocent of the main charge of colluding in abduction – it is simply too complicated to resist the intense pressure the police would put on them. As always there are dreamers (well motivated I acknowledge) but the truth is that Madeleine went missing and all efforts should be directed towards finding her.

  4. Gina

    Those people are disgusting. How could a couple so obsessed with babies that they had IVF be such awful parents. I wouldn’t trust them with my dog!

  5. nat-xx

    How can u all say that? That poor family r going through hell everyday of their lives n u sit here n judge n say she guilty…of wat?! Lovin n fitin 2 find her child! U make me sick….the police have cleared them£ of any wrong doin! Ur pathetic people I hope u never go through what their whole family is! If kate n gerry had done something why would they still continur 2 release a book and websites appealing for our help?! Ur sick!!!!!

    Site Admin: No police force have ever cleared the McCanns. They have never appeared in a court of law so how can they be “cleared?” Do you know the family personally? How do you know they are going through hell everyday?

  6. Andrea

    I have read the book written by kate and i dont think at all they are guilty. i think until any of us know the truth what really happened none of us can judge. Losing a child and not knowing where they are would send me over the edge. They were only across a path and pool away eatting dinner outside and kept going back to check on the kids. Its horrible and i hope we all learn from the happenings (if there was happenings). But until found giulty we can only assume they are the victims of something terrible that happened. Humans are so quick to judge.

    Site Admin: You say you read Kate’s book and don’t think they are guilty. Then you say that until we know the truth then we can’t judge. Ok…well how do YOU know that what Kate wrote was truthful? How do you know that what they told us back in May 2007 was truthful? How do YOU know that they were only across from the pool eating dinner? We have to judge or else the world would be riddled with criminals doing whatever they wanted. People would get away with murder if we didn’t judge. If we believed everything the criminals said then there would be no point in having police or lawyers.

  7. Sydney

    I think you, Site Admin, have better things to do with your time than write hurtful things about the McCann family. You have a very one sided view of the situation and the fact is, you weren’t there, you don’t know the McCanns and you don’t know what happened to Madeleine. The best thing anyone and everyone can do right now is to focus on a young child who is possibly missing and endangered. Why are you hindering this investigation by planting seeds of possible untruth in people’s minds when a young girl could very well be missing. This comment is strictly neutral in the event of whether or not Madeleine McCann was taken or murdered although my personal belief is that the McCann family had nothing to do with it. You should do better things with your time than suggest that this child is dead when she very well may be alive.
    If she is found alive, I hope you take back every hurtful, cruel word you have ever written on this site, and write an apology letter to Kate, Gerry and Madeleine McCann.

    Site Admin: There is only one view of the situation and the inescapable fact is that Madeleine died in Portugal in 2007. Get over it. The facts are there for all to see. Casey Anthony said that her daughter died while in her care and yet she got rid of the body. After a trial she was found not guilty despite the fact that she hid the body and didn’t inform the authorities.

  8. Elle

    This doesn’t make any sense.

    First of all, if those three couples knew each other, you would think KG would have an inkling prior to this. Secondly, who would make those kinds of guestures about a child in public. IF he ( Payne) were a pedophile, I highly doubt he would not be speaking about it around parents of children ( KG) . Third, and most relevant, the woman, KG, hears this and only gives them a ‘stupified’ look and then there is an awkward silence and the conversation continues on to something else? Who would believe something like that? If a mother heard someone speaking of sexual acts being performed by/on a child, no one would merely give a stupified look and then sit idly by as the conversation changed. Nevermind remain on vacation with these people. To suggest as much is ridiculous. This “evidence” probably wasn’t released because if it does actually exist, it’s ludicrous and everyone knows it.

  9. Bridge

    I have to admit – if my child was kidnapped and somebody showed me a photo 5 years later – I would not outright deny that it is him…I would make it him! They have had a sighting of a child who looks like Maddy and her parents have already said it’s not her from a photo?? Sorry but I hate to say it – I think she is no longer with us. And with all due respect – how much money have the family made by selling their “story” – writing a book? I would be a complete wreck and the last thing on my mind would be taking time out to publish a book. There are way too many inconsistencies and somebody needs to start with the truth.

  10. Bridge

    Furthermore – who leaves little children alone near a swimming pool in the first place; even if she was in the room whats to stop her walking out to find them and ending up in the pool?- absolutely bizarre!
    The twins should have been removed from their custody – leaving minors alone in a hotel room constitutes NEGLECT!

  11. KayKay

    I have always thought of the disappearance as quite sketchy. Kate washed Madeleine’s toy that she slept with which could surely have helped the investigation. I do hope that the truth will come out soon.

  12. denni Martinez

    If everyone prayed to God there might be an outcome for this poor family who are enduring such horrific pain – which no-one deserves, no matter what. Just pray people, that this little girl might be found whether she is alive or dead, and that the family may somehow cope and move forward. Their agony needs to come to an end. Dear God help them.

    Site Admin: Prayer won’t work because prayer never works. The dead can’t be brought back to life so it’s a complete waste of time. If there was a God then where was God in May 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal?

  13. Kristin

    Dear Site Admin,
    I just happened upon this website and this page. I think you are commenting too much on people’s comments. It sounds like you are arguing with them and trying to promote your own point of view. Your comments are not neutral, they are interogatory, like an angry attorney. Please lay off a bit…people don’t really want all that commentary from the site admin.
    Meanwhile, my family and I continue to pray for Maddie and her family. Thank you and God bless.

    Site Admin: Feel free to pray all you like – Madeleine is not going to rise from the dead.

  14. anoyomous

    I think the truth will never be told. The only truth will be found out when that poor, beautiful little girl is either found or when her body is found. God bless her and take care of her.

  15. candikaya

    these comments surely make me ashamed to breath the same air.
    blair kept saying, education education education these comments the brit pub dare say make me want to emigrate to an earthquke zone.

    Site Admin: Feel free to emigrate. Your own spelling and grammar leaves a lot to be desired. Perhaps you need an education.

  16. Jon

    I agree that there is something very fishy about the whole saga. I doubt the Portugese Police are anywhere near as efficient as British Police when investigating such cases, if indeed they have ever investigated any such case before, therefore i believe that the British Police should have led the investigation from the start. By the time they got involved the Portugese Police had blown the investigation and it would have been extremely difficult for the British investigators to have rescued it at that stage. I personally do not believe the McCann’s versions of events, specifically how their missing child’s DND was found in the boot of their hired car. Of course they want bto keep this case alive now that they know they are safe. The income from books and financial suppport from such people as Richard Branson are very welcome indeed, particuarly with super large mortgages on their home! However, unless a miracle occurs i doubt that we will ever get to the bottom of this mystery. One can only speculate until and unless a body is found with perhaps some remaining DNA incriminating a suspect or suspects. We shall see.

  17. Eliza

    The only thing that has worried me.The parents say that after the previous night Maddy asked – Why didn’t you come last night when we were crying? As a parent I wouldn’t have left them again that night.

  18. Kerri

    I have never believed that the Mccanns had nothing to do with their daughter’s death…they should never have left children on their own, its ridiculous and they should have faced a punishment for that! If they had never left her alone then she would still be alive!!

  19. mags

    Why would two, supposedly intelligent, doctors find their daughter missing from her bed and then immediately fill the apartment with strangers – thereby totally contaminating the crime scene?

    Not only did they leave those children every night, they left them in the nursery on the complex every day as well. They came back, picked them up, fed and bathed them and then went out again leaving them all on their own – so why did they take them on holiday with them in the first place?

    The constant suing of people if they say something that the McCanns don’t like always brings this old chestnut to mind, “Methinks thou doth protest too much.”

  20. Michaela

    I am a chartered psychotherapist and i have experience to work with patients. In my oppinion ( this is a feeling and it never let me down) that she is not honest and i would not trust her. Authorities need to look closer into this case – bad parenting- abuse- violence. There is something going on ! How can they trust them with teir other children ? They LET THEIR T H R E E little children alone in a foreign country, foreign environtment and they left them in the flat ! ! There is no excuse for this ! They failt as parents and i am sad for the other two children. Is is a shame- even the swimming pool between the bar and the appartement is a danger !!!! they want freedom but no children!

  21. Vivian

    I have followed this case from the start, since maddi disappeared, it is so awful.
    Parents shouldn’t leave their children unattened that’s right but if they kept on checking on them, how come maddi is gone?
    if they did check on her she would still be here with her loving family and friends.
    Nobody knows the truth about this case, kate and gerry could tell us anything they wanted, we woulnd’t know if it’s the truth or a lie.
    not knowing where their child is, not knowing if their child is even still alive is the hardest time of their lives, if it wouldn’t be they woulnd’t start a new search after maddi.
    I’m an older sister of a 12 year old, she disappeared a lot when she was little, and each time she was gone, I cried, thinking someone took her, thinking that something has happened to her.
    I don’t know exactly what the family and friends are going through but I know the pain a little bit.

    hopefully with this second search they will finally find maddi, and she will be reunited with her family and friends. xxx

  22. Vivian

    Dear Site Admin
    with the comment you made on kristin’s comment “Feel free to pray all you like – Madeleine is not going to rise from the dead.” how do you know she’s dead? she might be still alive. Dont say Madeleine is not going to rise form the dead if you dont know for sure that she is dead.

  23. Jo

    1.Why would you immediately think and say -‘they have taken her’- if you were in a place you think is so soo safe to leave all your children alone and in an ‘unlocked’ apartment that they could get out of?
    2.You would know not to wash their personal toy as it may help give evidence!
    3.Why would you leave children on their own and not show the slightest remorse about having done so?

  24. Flora

    There is definitely something fishy about this whole case. Whatever happened to Madeleine, the parents deliberately left three toddlers alone in an unlocked flat 5 nights in a row. They should at least be charged with neglect. If they had not done this, Madeleine would still be here, and none of this would have happened.

  25. Valdemar

    There’s no chance to find Maddi, I’m afraid. Leaving 3 kids alone even for a minute for the sake of a protracted party (14 wine bottles were found on the table – so you can’t call it ‘just a dinner’) with some friends was a very stupid thing, to say the least. The kids were simply endangered under the curcumstances – there’s no excuse for such an irresponsible behaviour whatsoever. Besides, I don’t trust the parents, they obviously don’t tell us the hole story.

  26. Mila

    I honestly think that there’s a cover up somewhere. Whether Maddie’s parents are involved in her disappearance or not, they know more than they are saying. I am not pointing fingers but nothing makes sense. Parents neglect their kids by leaving them alone. Friends that don’t seem to care about them leaving the kids alone. What kind of friends, huh? Blood on carpets and car. Mother washes her toy. An alleged pedophile in the group (Payne). Mother had recently gave birth to twins. Had anybody consider that she could’ve been suffering Post Partum Deppression and hurt Maddie? You don’t take vacations to go out like you are single and the babies sitting themselves. Didn’t they have responsible family members that could have care for the kids? How come you can tell from a picture if that is your child or not? Is it maybe cause you know she can’t be the girl in the picture cause you did something to her? And writing a book. what’s next? A movie to profit from? Starting a new search doesn’t necessarily mean they think she is alive. It could mean that the parents want to look less guilty. Whatever it was that happened, this case needs closure. For Maddie and for us parents that had been worried for a li’l girl that is not even ours. I think someone needs to come clean. The abductor, the murderer, the parents, the parent’s friends, somebody. Have the nerves to solve this case. Do it for Maddie.

  27. Katie xox

    Exactly how do you KNOW she’s dead I agree
    That there’s something they’re not telling us but
    Truthfully I’m not sure what to believe I hope she’s
    Alive and found soon! That poor girl!!!

  28. Jenny

    I have always felt they were hiding information, i don’t think they have ever told the truth, it made me so angry that they left the children, not just on one occasion either,they are in my opinion very selfish and arrogant people.
    Quite a few things they did were really suspicious, like Gerry flying to the Edinburgh festival very soon after Maddie disappeared, and Kates appearance perfect make up and hair etc, i would of been in a terrible state (and not cared about my appearance).
    The business about the campaigns,books,funds they dipped into the fund to pay the mortgage, treating it like a business, that is disgusting, my child would be number one, i wouldnt care if i lost my house, selfish people, oh and the favorite toy Maddie had, my goodness, to wash it..was it 4 times? It would have her scent on it and really, as a mother i would find it hard to part with it..very hard indeed.
    Does anyone know if these two have had a polygraph test?
    I agree with what someone else said, far too many things have not been answered or answered cleverly, i really believe that Kate is covering up such alot, they are educated people and think they have everything covered, i just hope that one day they will slip up or something turns up to prove they are lying!
    Whats that saying?…What goes around comes around?

  29. NR

    1. The McCanns had an awful lot to lose by being found out that their daughter had died in the apartment. Consider both their positions in the respective jobs…and they have friends in high places
    2.Luz is a very small place – and in early May very quiet – any potential abducter would stick out like a sore thumb and surely, from choice, would have taken the twins
    3. The PT police (thankfully) are not used to dealing with this kind of incident – had it happened in UK, it would have been dealt with differently, with the McC’s as main suspects.
    4. What really gets my goat is how K and G managed to manipulate the media in such a way that their child negelct is almost completely forgotte…imagine how different the media coverage would have been had it been a couple from asink estate somewhere, or a single mum. The newspapers need to get the blind fold off and do some serious investigative journalism that doesn’t start from the premise that the McCs must be innocent.
    5. I’m sure thay didn’t kill her, but she as sure as hell hasn’t been abducted

  30. Chris

    Site Admin you sit and talk about FACTS, but you then turn around and say maddy died? did you see the body? was her body recovered? I don’t seem to recall hearing that.

    The fact is this, maddy is either missing or gone, regardless of WHO is guilty someone needs to find some answers and the guilty party, but first and most important someone needs to find the child. laying blame or false facts helps NOBODY

    Site Admin: Body or no body, it doesn’t alter facts. A dead human being with DNA matching Madeleine McCann was found in the trunk of the Renault hired by the McCanns. On the balance of probabilities, Madeleine is dead. Was every dead body found or recovered from the Titanic? No of course not. Was every body recovered from the World Trade Center after 9-11? Of course not. Your points make no sense.

  31. Danni

    I really hope that she is alive, but strongly doubt it.

    My personal opinion is that the ‘parents’ (bearing in mind they were GP’s) were sedating the children while they went out, and over-medicated.

    They fabricated the gone missing story since they assumed she would come round, but she slipped into a coma and died.

    I cannot proove anything, it’s just my opinion based upon the scant evidence that has been revealed to the public.

  32. james

    Who are you “site admin”? I see your details are blocked on domain look ups etc. I ask as, having studied semantics and language quite intensively, some of your responses to peoples comments are personally motivated, for example when you say “you can try..but you cant raise the dead” and such, it harks of a emotional bitterness and connectivity to the subject matter that a mere ‘mere quest for the truth’ wouldn’t inspire. Either you are a loner who has dedicatedtoo much time to the subject and become emotionally entangled to the point of distortion or you are trying to point us in a direction to assuage your own guilt for something? It is very strange.

    No doubt there are numerous unanswered questions and the McCanns do seem very odd to me but your responses and vehemence are as odd if not more so.

    Site admin: I think you need to do more studying and probably in a different field to your bar-room Freudian psychology. It is normal, basic human nature to want to bring a child killer to justice. I work with law enforcement but even if I didn’t I would still want to see child killers behind bars. That doesn’t require any studies of semantics, body-language or any other kind of language to understand that. It is fundamental human nature to be protective towards children.

  33. tabitha

    would they leave cash alone in an unlocked appartment ?

    the toy wouldn’t have been washed and the twins wouldn’t have been left alone if their sister had gone missing she was killed in the appartment no question ,

  34. Makki

    I regret to state that all of you also forgot the fct that thay have been known to sedate their children whilst away from them on holiday. I believe another doctor friend that knew the McCanns mentioned that this was done on more then one occasion. The Portuguese police had looked into the fact that the McCanns could have administered an overdose and then panicked and tried to cover the crime up. Other Doctors that the McCann’s knew apparently also used to sedate their children.

    After reading the case, and evidence over the last couple of months, I have come to the conclusion that the McCann family has at least covered something up. They may have loved their children, but maybe they came to the conclusion then rather lose their jobs over the incident (however it happened) they decided that it was better to take measures as to keep providing for the two children they had left.

    Ihave no doubt that gross negligence played a part, and as such, the McCanns should be charged with neglecting a child. They should also be watched by Social Services as their other two children are at risk from this also. Some families in England are watched for less!

    Bodily fluid in the back of a hire car could be due to even Kate changing the child’s diper in it, so is inconclusive unless it can be confirmed as blood.

    Do you see Social Services getting involved? No.

    The power of the NHS and saving their own. Well here’s a plea…Bring it on Social Services! You do for lesser crimes!

  35. TM

    Site admin job is only to monitor the comments and remove those comments which are deemed not in the best possible taste or are defamatory, inciting race hatred etc… they SHOULD NOT be commenting on those comments made here by members of the public and they should certainly not be making comments about peoples levels of inteligence, gramaticial errors and spelling mistakes – this is a public place where people can make or share their views and thoughts. Site admin – keep a very very low profile we do not ask for your comments or observations – just make sure people are playing by the rules and acting responsibily. Thank you

  36. liesje

    Hi, i agree with the site admin and beleive the dead cannot rise,this child had her life taken away by her monster mother who always left the children alone at night.The police even found the childs splattered dna in the boot of the car that they had hired, She murdered her daughter and she deserves to go to jail for life


    …rip sweet madeline

  37. NC

    Whats always got me is, the groups meetings directly afterwards, comparing notes, so they all got the same hymn sheet when being questioned by the police ? And what was on the phone text messages that was quickly hushed up.

    I thought the parents were guilty as hell since day 1, but as the momentum grew, you kinda thought “well I must be wrong” as all these people are supporting – he’s a Doctor isn’t he, and not the usual “murder” type of person. But neither was that doc that murdered all those oldies.

    This will go on for years, as long as there is no body. And as recently 30 ?? more kiddies have gone missing in the past few years, why have we never heard about them until now ?

    Keep Kids Safe

  38. Mike Bell

    The couples story is full of holes. They should have taken a polygraph test in May 2007. I think they’ve hoodwinked the british authorities and most of the media. It would be a different reaction if they were an uneducated couple on benefits. Hope Maddie eventually gets justice.

  39. Luis

    For thoese that read the McCanns book, Should also read “Madie, The Truth Of a lie” Or, “Madie, a verdade da mentira”.
    This people are hiding the whole truth. For what ever reason, there has been a coverup of the whole thing.
    I may beleave that an acident might have occoured in that appartment. I just don’t understand why they flee to England so quickly as soon after they were starting to feel the pressure of the investigaters. Why the involvement of the english prime minister and that guy from Richard Bronson and the campeigne of the daily maile against the Policia judiciaria and its investigaters? Never ever before two investigaters of the PJ were sacked; Why now? And for the record, it is known that the portuguese PJ are (or were, as far as i am concerned)one of the best in the world to solve any kind of criminal crime; Sudennly, they are totaly incompetent?! Something is very wrong with this people. By the way, there are rumours that the massonary is involved as this two apparently are massons, Tony Blair is a masson and Richard bronson is a masson. Also, The british tourists are a very important market for the Algarve and Portugal in general. Why are the McCanns allowed to publish books so why is Goncalo Amarals book baned from being published?There are many questions that this people should answer. In the end i don’t know if they are hiding something or if they are victims but that everything is very suspicious!…
    It is so sad that someone comited a crime and nobody will be punished.
    Who ever reads this, Should also read “Madie, The truth of a lie”. Google it…

  40. Christine

    It is obvius to me that Maddie died in the apartment. She fell over behind the settee and banged her head. One of the parents put her inside the wardrobe and they later temporarily hid her body. Later, when they rented the car they moved her to her final resting place.

    It does not take much to work out why they covered it up. The parents both had high profile jobs and it would have looked very bad for them if it had been found out the neglect of all of their children led to one of their deaths. Since then, they have been on to a good thing. The Find Madeline Campaigne has brought them a considerable lot of money and “fame”.

    I have read through all the evidence that is freely available on the web. The police dogs are extremely well trained. I have watched them working in the UK and they are extremely professional. I do not believe they could have made a mistake in indicating the blood behind the sofa nor the fact that a corpse had been put inside the wardrobe in the apartment. Similarly, they also found evidence of a body being kept in the boot of the hired car. One of the portuguese neighbours who lived near the McCanns hired villa said that when the car was parked outside the villa the boot was open day and night. Why would that be?

    Another piece of evidence comes from the Smith family who were on holiday and saw Gerry McCann with a child who looked like Madeline in his arms walking towards the beach.

    But why the cover up by the authorities? The Portuguese police are sure that there is enough evidence to point to Madeline’s accidental death in the apartment and a cover up by the parents. Is is especially suspicious that when things were getting a bit “hot” for them they suddently left the country. I am amazed that people in positions of power in the UK are supporting the McCanns given the amount of evidence pointing to them. I have read the book The Truth of the Lie, I have read the scientific evidence and everything points to the McCanns disposing of Madeline’s body. Nothing else makes sense.

    If, as the McCann’s suggest, Madeline was abducted why did they enter through a door and then leave through the window. Why did no one else see the window open? Why was the door not forced. They would have to have had a key as there was no other way to enter the room. Why was Gerry seen walking towards the beach at the right time? Why did the dogs smell the blood behind the sofa. Why was the sofa moved closer to the window? Why did the dog smell the scent of the dead body in the wardrobe and the car? The dog was given at least three cars to choose from and immediately went to the hire car that the McCanns had used.

    So much evidence. Why won’t the McCanns admit what happened?

    If the McCanns are innocent why do they not take a polygraph test to clear them name?

    The answer is obvious.

  41. Ken

    You need to publicise this website better to build up momentum for a new unbiassed investigation which doesn’t assume that Kate and Gerry are innocent. The very least that they should be charged with is child neglect. It really annoys me to see people like this getting away with it.

  42. Anon

    If all of you posting comments regarding the guilt of Gerry and kate McCann have any conscience, I suggest you read the mccann’s book.
    As one of you posted she is making money from the book- she is not ! This is going directly into the fund to help find maddie!
    Again and again she explains how much she regrets leaving the children in apartment, have you all never made a mistake ? I’m sure you have, we all have, we just haven’t experienced the consequences of a mistake that the mccann’s have !
    There is no evidence against them whatsoever , and that is clearly explained as well.
    As another person commented, I think the site admin should write a letter of apology for all of the comments they have made, for something they know nothing about! To think that they may hinder the investigation still , six or seven years later, is intolerable ! Why people are still jumping on the fact-less conspiracy theory six years later that stemmed from hearsay and lack of evidence produced by the Portuguese police I will never know.

    Site Admin: Kate’s book is full of lies. She fails to tell everyone that their doctor friends from Birmingham went to the British police in May 2007 to give witness statements about what happened in an earlier holiday they took with the McCanns to Mallorca in 2005. The doctor friends described how Gerry McCann and David Payne spoke about Madeleine in an inappropriate and sexually suggestive manner. Of course there is evidence against them. According to them they were the last ones to see Madeleine alive. Kate described how the shutter was jemmied open but in her book she changes the story.

  43. Wilberforce

    Here’s what happened.
    The doctor parents drugged their children so that they could leave them alone and go out partying.
    But one night Maddi either reacted to the drugs or was given too much which killed her.
    Doctor parents returned from their party to find her dead.
    They disposed of the body.

  44. Raz

    This whole affair stinks. I was so unhappy to read about David Payne’s inappropriate behaviour re Maddie on a previous holiday in Mallorca – what kind of family friends is he? Also the behaviour of the cadaver dogs in relation to the hired car, cuddle cat, kate’s clothes ….

    Originally I felt desperately sorry for the McCanns losing their daughter but now I wonder if they were somehow involved in covering up her disappearance … I hope one day the truth will be known. Justice for Madeleine.

  45. Donny

    I hoped the police done a test, on the other children to make sure the McCann`s never gave any of these children any kind of drug`s to knock them out, (I hope they did, rule this out?)Both of them being doctors and knowing they will be going out while the children are in by their selfs…What makes me think of this is,if it was a child abuser im sure maddie would of turned up alive or dead, but if its someone wanting a child for the sake of it, they would of took the youngest one…its a stranger case this, but eh the truth always comes out…God makes sure of that..and if it don`t you face god..

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