Date and Day Gerry used
Day 218 – 07/12/2007

We have had many enquiries as to our plans for the festive period. Christmas 2007 will be an incredibly difficult time for us if Madeleine is not found before then. We plan to have a very quiet, private Christmas with family in the UK. Celebrating is the last thing we feel like doing; however we want Christmas to be as normal for Sean and Amelie as possible. They have already enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree with their ?granny? and great aunt. Despite not yet being 3, they both seem to understand they will be getting presents from Santa. They have also asked if Santa will be bringing Madeleine home, which just about broke our hearts. Madeleine?s return would obviously be the ultimate present for all of us and would bring tremendous joy to people all over the world.

As the end of the year approaches we would like to thank everyone who has offered support over the last seven months and we ask you to stay with us as the search for our daughter continues. The police and private investigations continue and we have not given up hope of a breakthrough. We again appeal to anyone who may have any information that might be relevant to contact your local police or our private investigators on +34. 902. 300 213 if they have any information which might be relevant.

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