Thursday May 17, 2007

A RUSSIAN computer expert was last night being questioned by Portuguese police over the abduction of Madeleine McCann.

The startling new development came after it emerged he worked on a computer seized from the home of Robert Murat.

He is believed to be Moscow-born Sergey Malinka, 22, who is based in Praia da Luz and set up a business website for Murat’s property company Romigen.

Police had confirmed they were keen to find a Russian male who had a “close” business association with Murat. And yesterday morning police cars screeched up outside an apartment block and seven uniformed officers carried out a dramatic raid on the rundown fourth-floor flat owned by Malinka’s parents.

Last night Malinka accompanied police on a further search of the apartment in Praia da Luz. Officers later emerged carrying two desktop computers and what appeared to be a laptop computer.

What do YOU think? Should the suspects’ identity be kept secret until they are charged? Will this ruin their lives? Comment NOW.

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